Monday, February 19, 2007

Photos from the London walk (and one from the wake)

Full reports of the London memorial walk and the RAWwake coming soon, but first, have a look at a few photos on Flickr.

Here's a sample, yours truly ceremoniously launches a frozen lasagne off Blackfriars Bridge - the mystical death place of the Hanged Man God's Banker Calvi. It flew, then it fell and was eaten by seagulls!

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David said...

3. I love London; it is my kind of town. Contrary to popular belief this is not some feeble attempt at plagiarizing advertising copy from other major cities in the world.
Bad times and good, I have lived and worked in London through them all.
London is full of History. History that it would appear that most Londoners take for granted.
Everything in London seems to be clustered: All the antique bookshops are on the same street. All rich people who are owners of huge Limo London vehicles. All companies that make CG effects for movies are within few blocks of each other. The big web companies (except for Google, who have moved into a 'palace' near Victoria station) and web ad agencies are also within a small radius of each other. London will always be special for me as I met my lovely wife here.

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